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An inclusive organization means a safe environment to be yourself.

Want to know how your organization is doing?

Evaluate the maturity of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) management within the organization. Go beyond representational percentages and HR functions, and include an assessment of the impact of the management itself.

Use our SaaS solution to assess management maturity and make data-driven decisions. Access scores by impact area, DEI dimension, and globally to help focus organizational efforts.

  • Map diversity beyond just gender, age, race, or functional diversity
  • Assess the maturity of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion management
  • Measure management impact
  • Manage potential risks

Obtain a list of prioritized next steps and a management score

Available for public, private, for-profit or not-for-profit organizations in all sectors, countries and of all sizes.

Remember that the results can be verified through an audit, and can result in obtaining a Be(in)® Certification.

If you are a Consultant working in DEI, we want to meet you.

Use our solution

Fully in the cloud (SaaS)

No prior knowledge required

Fully self-administered

Annual access license, enabling the measurement of the evolution

Reduces diagnosis time by 8

Complete information relevant for management

Dynamic dashboards and downloadable reports

Dynamic roadmap and improvement suggestions based on responses.

For public, private, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of any sector, country and of any size.

Comprehensive. Easy to use. All in one. Allows benchmarking and comparisons of multiple variables.

Based on SDGs, standards, reporting requirements and international norms.

GDPR Compliant. According to the European Data Protection Regulation

A management and measurement tool based on the DEI Standard Index® that is complemented by a variety of different standards and certifications.

The results obtained can be verified and can result in obtaining a Be(in)® Certification, which is much more than just a seal.

Legal disclaimer

Neither Beinmindset nor its certifications guarantee or confirm the compliance of the certified organization with current legal regulations.

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